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  1. When clipping PDF, I frequently (but not always) get a message saying I have to reload the page before I can clip. Reloading never helps, I just keep getting the same message. This is in Firefox. One such example page is (https://) onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1111/j.1756-8765.2010.01108.x (put the parenthesized prefix on to get the whole URL -- I separated it because the forum interface kept putting the full page inline). That site does weird stuff with their PDFS, but even so Evernote clips it just fine in Chrome (I also tried Safari, but I can't even get the Web Clipper extension to install successfully). I'm not going to change browsers just to use EverNote on PDFs. The clipper also scrolls the window to the top every time I clip (highly annoying), and usually fails to set a useful title even for PDFs that it *can* clip and that have an obvious title at the very top (they're not bitmap PDFs either, because I can open them and copy/paste the title back over to reset it -- of course, that makes clipping a matter of 20-30 seconds, instead of one click). Anyone know a way to avoid or work around this? I'm starting to think Evernote may be too broken to bother with, though the alternatives don't seem much better either....
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