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  1. Tags on the fly are vital. Now I’m noting that the tag list doesn’t even come up. So when I go back to laptop, I have to remember to add tags. Pocket allows a MUCH easier search of tags. But now, even worse, using web clipper on iOS, say from Washington Post to which I subscribe, it only imports the first few lines of article even though I’m clipping from paid subscription. It’s essentially only saving a bookmark. I then have to go back on my laptop and retrieve the article. And btw, using the metric that “it must not be a problem if not that many people are here complaining about it” is absurd. I’d estimate that <5% of a software user population even knows how to use a discussion forum, much less have the patience for it. Most simply say “ain’t working - bye.” It’s taken me nearly an hour just to try to find an answer to my two issues. And the sense I get from the forum is that EN people aren’t listening. And I’m no stranger to databases, saving stuff. I’m thinking that my ideal solution as an info storer and recall resource would be some combination Pocket and EN, with ability to cross ref articles and to immediately make comments on the saved material, as that’s where the real value for me is. I suspect there’s a huge gap between IT - information technology - and information science, i.e. the way various subgroups of people acquire information and transform it into usable knowledge.
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