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  1. And yet another one simple feature is not realized. I started to think that user is not the main priority for evernote team. Looking for alternatives..
  2. I mean that Evernote team should add it in any case. And as I see this thread is marked as featured request, so they have plans to do it.
  3. Why you love this app? It wastes time, because you need every time do cut-paste action. Idea is good, as some functions, but cut-paste ..
  4. In reality this tool isn't convenient, because you need in any case where you need to transform text do cut-format-paste action. It wastes time. And also some people bought premium subscription, why need pay again?
  5. They definitely doesn't reading this thread I'm thinking to cancel my premium subscription..
  6. It's so unbelievable that in Evernote which is may be better application for notes there is no so simple function. Please do it, it's not take a lot of your time.
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