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  1. Tables are a permanent thing and it will not go away because there's no option to do anything with it. You can't change the size. You can't align the text. And to make things worse, there's no way to exit the table unless you've preemptively added a new line beneath it. I have heard you need to download some add-on in order to customise the tables, but that's just not how you keep a user happy. I shouldn't have to download an add-on for something already built-in and common in all word processors. Please either convince me to keep using this application or tell me what I'm doing wrong that I should learn with Evernote. Also, can anyone share their experience with these features? If I seriously need to download an add-on, I'm not sure if I'll be sticking around any longer. Why offer a tool that isn't even fully functional? I was forced to redo an entire note because of a non-user-friendly tool.
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