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  1. Just lost 30 minutes to that bug this week at at time I didn't have 1 minute to spare. Nearly lost half the notebook, I recovered it by using Note History in the paid account. Good luck, I don't care what the answer is beyond garbage code and toleration of it.
  2. I signed up for a paid account JUST to be able to recover a month long running note that lost with an errant Tab key trying to indent like I do in most other text editors, this was compounded by the the undo function not working in the browser client, which happens on occasions to me along with format loss. How about just make bulleting and indent work before building new ####? Seriously, the tech industry is maddening. Build shiny beta, release, bank on bi-weekly updates which may or may not address issues, hire good marketing and graphic designers, repeat. Thank god real engineering doesn't work that way (e.g. working on adding hotels and Starbucks to the bay bridge while sections of the road are still missing). I just learned OneNote has an Evernote import tool. When I get the time it's done.
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