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  1. It's pretty radical that an application that started, and gained its popularity and growth, as visual-first would suddenly change. I'm a Premium subscription owner and have been on Evernote since 2008. This is incredibly disappointing. I get that tough choices need to be made to move things ahead (all Apple users/buyers grapple with this!) and I strive to greet updates and changes with a pretty relaxed attitude. But the visual-first organization of the UX is a fundamental part of why certain people would choose Evernote in the first place. My husband and I both are Premium members and I'm going to start looking for an alternative to Evernote. It's a huge pain in the butt - especially with 10 years of material filed away into Evernote - but it doesn't make sense to keep paying so much for a flawed design that isn't working well for us anymore. Also - it's a great reminder to be cautious about recommending paid apps to friends or family. I've relentlessly talked people into purchasing Evernote. I feel silly now.
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