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  1. Thanks. My core question is if someone else, say YOU, scans my business card into Evernote and you have it linked with Linkedin, what do you see? Will you see my personal email account or my work email account? It's not clear to me what you would see and how I control it (without monkeying with where I might receive a job offer...which needs to be my personal email, not my work email obviously). When I scanned my OWN card it popped up with 2 personal emails along with my work email, which is not what I want people to see if they scan my card using Evernote.
  2. I have Linkedin linked with the Evernote Premium business card scanner. When I scanned my own card, in addition to the work-related info from the card, I also saw 2 personal email addresses that I have on file with Linkedin. Are these personal email addresses visible to other users of 'Evernote business card scanner', or just me? I don't want others to see this. I'm not a sole-proprietor, therefore obviously I have my personal email in my Linkedin account. Any suggestions? (this would mean some modification to my Linkedin account I presume) Also, I liked the option of emailing the pe
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