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  1. its not a complain jefito, its a debate. you gurus keep saying its a waste of valuable resources for the evernote team to work on a passlock feature for the desktop app. We the USERS, are putting up a justifiable, and user-friendly reason as to why we need the passlocks on the desktop app. Not every household or work places are "hackers" who can break into your database even though you have a passlock to prevent them gaining access through the APP. Ofcourse if it needed to be hacked, it will be. But in the meantime, we are requesting a lock that can make accessing the APP quick and easy - none of the sign in/out or log in/out. isnt that what "feedback" is for especially from EVERYDAY users?
  2. my point is that most "Gurus" here on the thread are arguing that PC's should have different user profiles if shared by multiple users - logging out should fix the concern of others checking your notes out. Why don't they then argue the same with mobiles? what was the purpose of the evernote team to waste valuable resources to make an in-app passlock protection, when mobile devices themselves have their own security. And since when are personal mobile phones shared between users? --> same argument can be used that PC's are shared between multiple users (on the same profile) especially at home environments.
  3. if just logging out of windows to protect evernote security is the only solution; then why introduce passcode for mobile app? why not just lock the phone when you stop using your phone, and set it to ask for pin/fingerprint when phone needs to be used?
  4. All the GURUS keep saying that there is no need for a password; simply logout of you Windows terminal. Then WTF did evernote introduce a passcode for mobile app? shouldn't the argument be the same - lock your mobile device so no one can get into your apps? They saw a need for it there, and they don't seem to see a need for it on the PC .... doesn't make sense.
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