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  1. Hi everyone, I hope I have finally found a solution to my 'paper' issue. I run a small business and collect lots of small receipts, which I staple to an A4 sheet, record (numbered) on a spreadsheet and hand over at the end of my business year to my accountant. I have downloaded Evernote and Scannable on my iPhone and my questions are: is there a way of numbering individual receipts after I scanned them so that they correspond with my spreadsheet or do I do this as a post-edit? assuming that my accountant doesn't need the originals, rather than sending him a few hundred pdf/jpg files with individual receipts, is there a way of combining all my individual files into one, showing all receipts in one file? is there a way of integrating the pdf/jpg files into said spreadsheet or do I still need to keep a separate spreadsheet? thanks for your help, much appreciated. Martin
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