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  1. I used this method of backup this morning but I don't see an ENEX-file per notebook. I only see a handful on ENEX files, not one for each notebook. Sorry for my ignorance but any ideas what I am doing wrong? Thanks very much for any help.
  2. Thank you SO MUCH! I can't believe I've used Evernote for so long yet was unaware of this way to backup. Is it a good idea to keep the completed backup folder in Google Drive or One Drive, or do you suggest an alternate location? I have one on my laptop but would like extra protection. Thank you again!
  3. With the level of upset and frustration that dedicated EN users are expressing, wouldn't you think management would at least come out with a "we hear you and we are going to make changes" message? Other than the blog the CEO recently posted (which addressed almost none of the concerns expressed on this forum), there is silence. This is highly disconcerting. EN is crucial to my work. I don't want to leave. But the longer the silence goes on, the more troubled I become. And unlike some of the posters here, I don't have the technical expertise to do a thorough job of evaluating options. I'm f
  4. That blog post inspires less confidence than I had before. And maybe I missed it but he didn't address the tortoise-like speed of the new version.
  5. What alternatives do you like the most? The incompetence of EN makes me wonder if the company is in trouble and suddenly we will all have to head for the exits. I would rather prepare now.
  6. Slow Slooowww Sloooowwww Unusable. I don't want to migrate to One Note. I live EN. Paid customer since '12. But this is unusable. Using Legacy to give it time but how much is enough? EN has to rectify this within a few weeks or I'm gone and it sounds like many others are as well.
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