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  1. DTLow - Where are these user settings? I don't see anything like that (Windows desktop version).
  2. Sorry to hear about the loss of your pets. I know how heartbreaking that can be.
  3. I just tried this in version (308555) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750), and can't see a way to change the color. I know it is (or was) possible, because some of my notebooks have a different color font. Any further advice?
  4. Mats14 - Thanks for your explanation, but I don't seem to have that setting (Windows desktop)
  5. There seems to be some confusion here. EDH mentioned something in his signature. I and others do not see his signature. I was asking if there was a setting to see his signature. I am not interested in adding one of my own. As far as I know, that question has not been answered.
  6. For basic users too, because I don't see that setting.
  7. dconnet - I'm curious. I don't see any way to "expand details" in the task manager. Could you explain?
  8. Gazumped - I'd like to understand this. In step one, what icon is being referred to?
  9. I've always used control-X for that. But I see Shift-Delete works in Word. Never knew that.
  10. You're lucky. On my machine, it's a tiny white elephant in the taskbar. If you didn't know what it was, you'd never figure it out.
  11. Just guessing here, but maybe not having a title would cause the program problems, and some people might forget to add one, hence the default?
  12. Well, I just tried it again and it worked. Go figure. Anyway, thanks.
  13. So entering a password is no good for you but entering a passcode is dandy? I don't get it.
  14. You don't like the double New Note? Customize your toolbar to eliminate it. Not too hard.
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