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  1. Hello guys, When I switched to dark mode on Evernote Web, separator color still has dark color. It makes separator not visible easily. I switched to light mode to view separator in notes.
  2. It will not create immediately. Firstly I must select "notebook". If notebook is located in down due to alphabetic sorting, I must scroll. There is no recent notebooks or search by typing. I just want to create note and categorize later.
  3. Creating new note is very cumbersome in this beta. It can be fixed.
  4. It is the most basic feature of all editors. And it is broken! And most sad part, I am paying for this poor service.
  5. Hello guys, I created applet in IFTTT that appends to note. When applet is triggered, it appends note but removes reminder of the note. Why it removes reminder of the note?
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