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  1. What is the "legacy version"? What is the specific version number? Where do I download it? Thanks.
  2. Windows 10. Windows Evernote app version 10.something. I click on "Check for Updates" and the pop up screen is blank. I click on "About Evernote" and that screen is also blank. How to fix this? Thanks.
  3. Doesn't work. I click on the magic wand and no magic happens. Wand is defective. Unable to edit note content. How to fix this problem? Thanks. Just so there's no confusion; I click on the magic wand and nothing happens. Also clicking on the items in the "More Options" menu causes nothing to happen.
  4. Thanks. The problem is the "HTML Content" cannot be edited. I have to edit on my mobile. Of course this is a big problem. The "HTML Content" on the Evernote Windows app is surrounded by a blue border. It's not letting me edit the content. How do I fix this major problem? Thanks
  5. Evernote for Windows 10. One of my notes somehow got converted to "HTML Content" 😞 When I click on "Simplify Content", nothing happens. How do I convert this note back into normal formatting? (this note has images) Thanks. I can't tell which Evernote version I'm using cuz when I click on "About Evernote" the screen is blank. I'm on Evernote version 10.something. Windows 10 latest version.
  6. The EN Web Clipper ver 7.4.2 Chrome extension is now working for me. Running in Chrome on a Win10 pc. My gmail emails are getting clipped and saved properly now. Thank you Evernote for getting this working! ?
  7. Hello @steve845, Cool. Thanks. It appears to update automatically for me also. I use the web clipper a lot so I wanted to make sure it keeps up to date. Cheers,
  8. Hello @steve845, Thanks for the tip! I'll use that in the meantime. Evernote devs: Please fix the issue soon! ? Thanks, A related question: Does the Evernote clipper for Chrome update automatically? Or only manually? Thanks,
  9. Your message ended on a cliffhanger. Is your issue fixed? Or still not working? Which version of Evernote web clipper for Chrome are you using? Thx
  10. I've got Web Clipper 7.2.1 installed in my Chrome browser and I still have the same problem when I try to clip my gmail emails. See the image in my original post. How to fix this? Not being able to clip my gmails is a real problem. How to fix? Thanks,
  11. Chrome browser. See attached image. How do I fix this? When I click to unselect the "Select All Message" box nothing happens. Can this be fixed? How? I want to clip some of my gmails to evernote. Thanks,
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