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  1. Hey guys - Would love your input on the survey I am doing for my company. We are thinking about connections between notes as not just a "single-player" feature, but a "multi-player" one too and would love to hear what you think. Thanks in advance! https://goo.gl/forms/oZAmCJdu0XlDzZAP2
  2. Indeed! We are in the midst of finishing up our alpha version of Tangle and will be releasing over the next couple weeks. To be clear, we automatically create a graph visualization of your notes based on your content and the connections Tangle finds between your notes. Sign up if you are interested!
  3. @bounce def want to hear your and @TK0047 thoughts. We are starting out as a website. Have both desktop and mobile apps on the roadmap.
  4. Perhaps the wrong forum, but what do you guys think of the Evernote Context feature? Would love to hear where you think it falls short and where it excels. Do you find it useful?
  5. @bounce Sounds like you really have tried everything to organize and optimize your information. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by Tangle's functionalities that encourage this. Certainly will be looking forward to hearing your feedback if you decided to sign-up for the alpha.
  6. Glad I could spark a conversation! WRT the word "silo": I use the term simply because work must be done in order to connect the information stored via some kind of mechanism. What I really want is the auto-connect (coming soon) ? @TK0047 for best practices on getting ideas and just general principles on getting the most out of your notes/writings, check out the following: 1. praxis.fortelabs.co is a blog created by Tiago Forte, a productivity coach that I'm friendly with. I loved the principles he espouses in his P.A.R.A. series. Note, it is a paid blog but there are a bunch of free articles to wet your whistle. I recommend this one on pattern recognition. Note, I have no economic interest in any of this. 2. Have you heard of RandomNote (link to download)? It is a desktop app that literally just shows you a random note in your Evernote, but what is great about it is that it jogs your memory and if you keep clicking it, you will probably find something that is helpful to you - or will at least help you get past a brain block. 3. This post by Maria Popova has been instrumental for me. I think you guys will like it and it might help you think about new ways to be connective.
  7. It is something we are certainly considering as we build the Evernote parser.
  8. ETA is beginning of July. Looking forward to your feedback when we release!
  9. Sure, As soon as you capture a note in the system, it extracts entities and uses those as the basis for relating your notes. The system also uses tags as well as a means of manual curation and connection! In general, our system operates as a personal recommendation system. Given a note, our system uses your personal knowledge graph to recommend related notes back to you. These relations could come from the people or ideas that you write about.
  10. Hello, fellow Evernote users! My name is Myles McGinley, and I am the founder of Tangle, a knowledge management tool and Evernote integration that generates connections between your notes and automatically shows you them in an explorable graph. We are launching our closed alpha test in early July and are looking for passionate Evernote users to try out Tangle and give us feedback. Click here to sign-up! A bit about why we are building Tangle: We have found that our knowledge is siloed. It is siloed as thoughts in our notebooks, emails in our inbox, and files in our folders. Most importantly, it is siloed across people. The greatest innovation, collaboration, and creative breakthroughs come from connections, yet our technology continues to focus on isolated content creation. A solution for personal knowledge management in today's world of information overload should be holistic and connected. It should constantly give you the feeling of building an explorable map. It should frequently elicit the dopamine rush of the Aha! moment. It should automatically connect your current thinking to the past. It should not only seal the cracks through which so many of our ideas slip but opportunistically bring them back to the surface when helpful. That is how it feels using Tangle. We are building it because we believe in empowering everyone to capture and connect thoughts to create big ideas. A description of the product: Tangle is your personal knowledge graph. It’s a tool that leverages the power of connections to make anything you write down more valuable. Capture your thoughts, jot down ideas or take notes without worrying about how to organize them and watch as they connect automatically with any related information in your tangle. Easily surface interesting relationships between what you know when you search your tangle. You can also integrate Tangle with Evernote. Easily import your Evernote notebook to seed your tangle and immediately visualize all the connections between your notes. Don't worry, this is a one-way import, we do not touch any of your Evernote data and anything you import into Tangle can be easily exported as well. We will be developing more integrations soon! We'd love some of you guys to give Tangle a shot. If you are interested in learning more, visit https://usetangle.com and sign-up! Thanks for reading! Feel free ask any questions and I will be sure to get back to you.
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