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  1. I just canceled my premium subscription. Also I'm going with simplenote app as it does offer dark mode for both mac and android / iOS app.
  2. I simply can't understand why such a basic and relatively easy to implement feature is not taken care of since it is sooooo requested. We are not requesting integrating with other platforms or adding AI, it's so much easier than that. So I'm left to think if Evernote really cares about it's users....
  3. Like until now ofc. You actually don't expect EN to get this so soon. Users are crying for dark mode for ages and no one listens so I'm not surprised if we still have to wait. Here's the screenshot:
  4. Hi guys, I'm also very excited to have that supported in the EN. As macOS Mojave is in public beta right now I just updated and the new Dark Mode looks awasome. It would be very nice if also the third party apps will support the new mode. Cheers!
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