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  1. Actually I just found the answer, I don't know if the post will be approved now that I've finally found a solution but in case it does and in case anyone else needs the answer go to Tools at the top, select Options, then click "Create a new note in a new window" I've highlighted it in the following picture:
  2. I have evernote downloaded on my pc. Whenever I add a new note to a notebook, it opens the note in a whole new window. I then have to type something into the note in the window and then close it to begin typing in the normal workspace again. Is there a way to change it so that when I open a new note it just opens up into the normal workplace? so this first image is what it normally looks like right? (ignore the text it's just some old adobe notes I used for the example) However, when I open a new note it opens a window like this: Can I ge
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