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  1. Thank you very much DTLow and gazumped for good answers! Regarding switching between accounts, it's possible today between a premium and a business account. So why cannot it be done between two premium accounts?
  2. Of course I know it's not called "folder" system but notebooks. Please do not mark words but get to the overall issue. It's a huge problem that you have to log in and out on your iPhone to switch between accounts. That is something I really hope Evernote will fix asap. Thank you //Calle
  3. I can have more cathegories/levels/ares with 2 accounts...or with more than 2 levels of folder system.
  4. Hello, I have a lot of notes but because you only have 2 levels in the folder system I have signed up for 2 premium accounts. On my Macbook I can switch between the 2 accounts very easily (being log-in on both), but on my iPhone it's not possible. I then have to log out and log in. When using long secure passwords and 2-step verification, this is not convenient at all. You have the option to switch between premium and business accounts so who don't let users easily switch between two premium accounts? Thank you, Calle
  5. Hi, I use linking a lot in evernote which is great, but using a link to an emai in Mac mail using cmd+k or format-->link-->add is not working? I have to drag in the whole email into the note which create an awful and long link. I just want to embed it like an url or link to another evernote note. It should be very good if you could create this possibility. Thank you, Calle
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