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  1. This is such a fault on Evernote's side, really It must be a bug the fact that when you select all notes and try to print it only works for the first one, and not the rest. Or is that intentional of Evernote, in order for us not to have a way to decently export the whole notebook to pdf format? lol Hmm maybe I'll give this a try, along with the other option but that seems for publishing books and stuff, I don't know if it'll work. Thanks
  2. Hey, I’ve never had that problem before. For me it works normally as it should. I often copy parts of texts from a PDF and then paste them to my note using shift + option + command + V (which allows me to match the same format or font and all that that is in my note that I’m copying it to) Hope it helps.
  3. Hello, I've been looking for a solution for this for what seems like an eternity. My problem is that I wanna be able to export a complete notebook to pdf format, which seems to not be possible. I know I can save single notes as pdf documents, but the problem is that when I select all notes and hit the print key it only detects the first note. The preview window doesn't show all the notes, even though they are selected, and that way I can't export the entire notebook. The other option would be to export every note separately, which would be very time-consuming. In the image uploaded
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