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  1. Unfortunately, I have been relegated to doing a screen shot of the meeting and attendees and pasting it into Evernote. This is pretty silly but the Evernote team does not seem overly interested in providing this functionality, even though meeting notes are likely a top use for Evernote.. (Shrug)
  2. All, I apologize if this has been asked before but I cannot find any reference to the answer. Basically, I would like to take a meeting invite in iCal or BusyCal and have it create an Evernote note inclusive of the attendees, attachments, and any notes in the meeting. It should also include the date/time the meeting took place. None of the calendar applications seem to have this feature (that I can find) so I was taking the alternate route thinking that the translation of the forwarded invite could do this. Right now, when you forward a meeting invite to Evernote, it attaches the .ics rat
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