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  1. For setting the "View as attachment" as a default option, i'm outlining the procedure here. PFA the screenshot for references. First, Goto "Preferences", then "Clippings", then select from drop-down. Preferences >>> Clippings >>> Select drop-down for view pdfs & docs "As attachments" Click "Close". Done.
  2. I faced a similar problem. But after a bit of trial and error I understood a work-around. I tried to share the notebook via EverNote desktop app for Windows, but it didn't work. Then I tried via Evenote Web version and initially it didn't work, but later I figured out a way. @Drold: When you click on the share button for the notebook, in the drop-down menu they show "Suggested chats" drop-down with names of people in your organization/frequently contacted. I thought that these were my options I had to send to and I clicked on those people and clicked "Send". But the people confirmed that
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