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  1. I need unlimited notebooks. Use of tags is NOT INTUITIVE. As someone else mentioned in a different post, if Evernote is to become our "brain" (paraphrased), it needs to operate like the way we are mentally wired. Imagine if Leonardo da Vinci and other greats had left behind a bunch of "tags" (essentially, Post-it Notes), instead of their detailed notebooks. There are many requests for this. Can someone from Evernote please respond and let us know when this will be implemented? I have neatly stacked all my notebooks into different Stacks. I don't have any "unStacked" notebooks. This system is working extremely well for me. Evernote is a great tool and has become my "go-to", more so than email. I don't want to see the day when I've reached limits, especially in this day and age when cloud services are constantly and seamlessly adding storage and capacity. Thanks in advance for your response.
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