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  1. i last experienced the missing indented bullet issue ~april5... haven't seen it since... one theory i have is that it happens when i try to navigate to another web page (EN asks do you want to leave EN...)... haven't proven it yet... anyone else seee this pattern?
  2. long time basic user... and i've been seeing this intermittently as well. i used to see it alot more in 2018, but recently saw it today... honestly it's this issue that has prevented me from trusting EN enough to go premium... is there a solution in sight? currently using chrome on win10 desktop, and the EN app on iphoneXs. having been a former UI guy and dealt with various UI frameworks (most recently angular), I understand the pain of keeping up with the 10 or so different browsers, and trying to stay current on the versions... [edit] hehe, going to a proprietary browser is what my company tried to do... except none of our clients wanted to switch, lol... so we're back to supporting IE and chrome. [edit2] omg, just happend again, for quite a bit of notes taken for the month of april... which is now all jumbled because the indentations provide the context of the note i'm recording.... what the heck are poeple donig to get around this? or are folks just leaving to a different note taking mechanism?
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