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  1. For those following our updates at AutoCron, I've just introduced a new action. Users would now be able to add reminders to their notes. This will all be done automatically and it'll be rule based! https://autocron.co/h/2019/01/11/new-feature-ability-to-add-reminder/
  2. Sorry it took me so long. We've been busy at work and here's a quick summary of what constitutes a rule. https://autocron.co/h/2019/01/09/the-anatomy-of-a-rule/ Let me know if there are any questions!
  3. My system at Autocron.co works by individual rules. Autocron will search and apply the required actions automatically for you. The only things that are exchanged between Evernote and my server are the note title, note tags and notebook names. However, autocron doesn't store these information on our server.
  4. Hi thanks for your feedback! Definitely still a work in progress, and I only recently opened it up for others to sign up and use the system. To answer your question, 1. after setting up the rules, you can either "test" it - where the system will let you know how many notes will be affected by the rule, or you can "run" it, and the rules and actions will be applied to the affected notes. 2. If you like the rules to be exercised in the background, you'll need to "turn on" the rule. The system currently runs the rules every 6 hours (i'm currently testing to see if thats the optimum period between runs).
  5. Hi everyone, I've just released Autocron.co for early access. This should fit your rules-engine requirement.
  6. Hello everyone! I’ve been a Evernote user for many years. I have a setup that automatically sends all my important emails, account statements and email receipts to my Evernote account. I also scan ALL my letters into Evernote using my ScanSnap scanner. While most of my workflow has been automated, once it gets into Evernote, I’ll need to manually sort and organise all the paper mail and emails in a strictly adhered to tagging system. I used to spend a 1-2 hours every month sorting out my inbox notebook on Evernote. I looked for a rule based sorting system. Found a few but none of them were reliable enough for me to adopt. I even hired a VA to help me sort my Evernote account for a while. But that didn’t work as well as I hoped. Hence I created http://Autocron.co. For the last few months, my Evernote workflow has been running automatically. An example automated work flow is attached as an image in this post. The web-based app is currently in beta stage and I’m opening up invites to a select few users to help me out some real-life load on the server before I move the development into its next phase. Being in development stage, there are bound to be some bugs. But as a beta user, you'll have the privilege in shaping the future of the App. If you’ll like access to AutoCron.co, please following the following link! AutoCron.co
  7. Hello everyone, a few months ago, I created a rules engine, running on my own server, and it has been running on my own evernote account for a few months now. I decided to open it up to other users! Hope you'll find it useful! Visit the following link http://autocron.co
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