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  1. Hello again! Now when we have shortcuts options it would be very nice to make them ALL customizable. It would be very appreciated.
  2. Ok This is a menace. Everytime i press ALT + S to do "Ś" in my language, Evernote makes a screenshot! This is absurd. Work on customizable keyboard shortcuts or option tu shut them off completely. Thank you
  3. At this point is is simply disrespectful to customers. I am withdrawing from my subscription. Good luck!
  4. Yes it is and Evernote is slacking. This is disrespectful at this point. One pro tip: Make Que of most needed changes, so people can vote on that. It is almost 2020, GET TO WORK. Annoyed premium user
  5. Do it! its great idea to have some kind of lock button (like in layers in photoshop) to lock/unlock notes.
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