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  1. Hi! I've tried to find a decent way to report a bug but there doesn't seem to be any way for an unpaid user like me except to post to this forum? I'm not okay with posting my activity log here if it contains some of my personal data. So what happened is I had written a daily log as I usually do but when I'm shutting the program off it just keeps working with something. I'm thinking that it would solve itself if I would just let it be and as I left my computer for the rest of the day it was still working. When I was going to start Evernote this morning it had hung up so I was forced to force quit the program. This led to my note, which I had been working on for 40 minutes the day before, was completely gone except for leaving two empty notes without titles. I looked on the web and in my trash but did not find the tiniest glimpse of what I had written. Is there ANY way to recover my notes without being a paid user? I could not see the history of the empty notes to see if my answer was there since I'm not a paid user. Isn't Evernote saving my note now and then as I'm writing? Evernote really ruined my morning and I pray there's a way for me to get my lost note back. Else I guess I'll have to look for a program I can trust to save my notes properly.
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