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  1. After reinstalling the last version, the issue is exactly the same. I found an old downloaded version in my download dir and reinstalled it. Now it works again. I keep this version and I will no longer attempt to install any evernote update... Automatic update is disabled. Thanks to all.
  2. Hi all, Since the last version update ( (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829)) last week, it is no longer possible to edit or create notes. The title is accessible but not the body of the note. When I move the mouse on the body window, sometimes the hand cursor is displayed, but sometimes not. When I click on the body, sometimes there is a change in the toolbar, for example the Bold button is marked or the font name is changed. But I have no cursor on the body window. I'm no longer able to use the Windows application and I have to use Evernote Web to modify or creat
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