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  1. Why has the record button been removed. Seeing a lot of negative posts about the new version. Evernote, I hope you are checking all of these out.
  2. I have seen that the new version of Evernote has been downloaded onto my iPad and iphone. I don’t understand why they have removed the recording function. I used this all the time and am extremely disappointed that this has been removed, I have managed to download the Legacy version on my Mac which is the previous version but there isn’t a download for iPad or iPhone. Anyone got any solutions?
  3. I due Evernote on iphone, iPad and Mac. But the legacy version is only for the Mac. Any idea what you can do for my other devices?
  4. I am currently using the Premium membership but want to update to Biz. When I try to do this I keep being asked to log in with Google+ which I don't really want to do. Has anyone got any ideas how I can upgrade some other way?
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