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  1. I am so disappointed that they have removed the microphone - one of the main reasons I love Evernote. I can use the original version on my Mac but don’t know how to get it for my iphone and iPad. Does Evernote even bother to read any of these threads and see how unpopular their new version is?
  2. Why has the record button been removed. Seeing a lot of negative posts about the new version. Evernote, I hope you are checking all of these out.
  3. I have seen that the new version of Evernote has been downloaded onto my iPad and iphone. I don’t understand why they have removed the recording function. I used this all the time and am extremely disappointed that this has been removed, I have managed to download the Legacy version on my Mac which is the previous version but there isn’t a download for iPad or iPhone. Anyone got any solutions?
  4. I due Evernote on iphone, iPad and Mac. But the legacy version is only for the Mac. Any idea what you can do for my other devices?
  5. I am currently using the Premium membership but want to update to Biz. When I try to do this I keep being asked to log in with Google+ which I don't really want to do. Has anyone got any ideas how I can upgrade some other way?
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