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  1. Since I updated to 10.5.7 a couple or so weeks ago, I get a daily (?) pop-up saying that I'm on the latest version, along with the release notes. I don't need to be told this repeatedly, so how can I stop it, please?
  2. I'm glad you liked the screen name - not everyone knows where it came from. Thanks for the link - I can now hand-craft notes in my non-existent copious spare time!
  3. Ah - I should have read more slowly - I'll have a go at the enex and reimport route! D'oh!
  4. Thanks, Jefito - I'm only just in, but had a quick look and I can see table tags, so that's the problem. Now that I know that, I can reinstate the original version from the Word file. Thanks again, Sam
  5. Thanks - I've looked again at the copy I made and there is a single-column table there, but in the note, there are no borders, just the pulsing right vertical bar when the text is selected. The table management help page provides no enlightenment. Would I be able to look at the underlying code myself? I've been a techie since I was sorting cards in the late 60s (!), so could probably fix it myself if I could see it. Otherwise, how would you see it?
  6. Hi - I entered this manually a couple of months ago and had taken a copy of it into a Word file for sending to a friend - and that's still as it was, of course. There is no evidence of it being a single-cell table. Hmm... It's not drastic, as I could copy the Word content back into a note, but I don't like not knowing what's wrong!
  7. Apart from a few lines at the top, my note is shown like this: I have tried simplifying and removing formatting, but it makes no difference. What's up?! Any helpful suggestions welcomed.
  8. Many thanks for the replies - I am on my own network at home, but I'm ashamed to say I didn't try the universal IT fix - turn it off and on again. A reboot fixed the issue, but I don't have a clue why.
  9. For some days now I have been bombarded with certificate warnings and no matter how I respond to them, they keep appearing. The warning is grouped with the Evernote processes in the taskbar, so it would appear that they are associated, but I can't be certain. Please could you tell me how to stop this? Thanks, Sam
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