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  1. Ugh, its because I was using the web version! I downloaded the app onto my desktop and now it is simple to do a multi tag search.
  2. Is there a better way than learning Evernote's search criteria? That seems a little old school. Or like typing in computer code. Is there not an easier way, like pulling up the tags and clicking on two of them? Whenever I just use the search to click on a tag it only lets me pick 1 tag. This may seem picky but I'm looking for ease of use. So I can grab my phone when I'm at the office and click on these 2 criteria and then get going. Not sit down and figure out if I need to use quotes and dashes and @ symbols, etc. ?? I am sensing this is a problem with other people using this method.
  3. Ok, So I have the GTD/Secret weapon set up in Evernote. I want to view just the tags in context so I can actually just start the flow . . . seeing only what is relevant. It seems the search will only let me view 1 tag at a time. This kind of defeats the purpose. How do I search using more than 1 tag. I used this system a couple of years ago and I remember being able to do this easily. Do I have to upgrade or something? Example of what I want to view: "@Office" and "2-Next Action".
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