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  1. I think that there must be clear instructions for upgrading from Premium to Business and vice-versa. I can´t believe the company didn´t aid in this matters. How to get it and how to get out it´s one of the most important concepts in business and, it seems that EVERNOTE is treating this fact as a just a simple question of money without thinking about customers work and information. I love EVERNOTE but I have to say this in order to get it better than now.
  2. It´s possible to have benefits either your team is small and it depends on the kind of work, the number of tasks and information you manage every day. In business, you will have spaces, something similar to folders but, I think that it´s better to work in a team, even a small team with spaces. If someone of the team deletes something, you will have the recycle bin. (I´ve lost share folders that never appear again). Sometimes you need to change devices, from one PC to another, so your employee will need the password if you are working with premium and, tomorrow he or she could steal information. There are just examples, I hope that helps you to take your choice. Gustavo
  3. I´m using the version but, the Zoom In or Out with the mouse wheel is impossible. I´ve reported the issue at the end of March Ticket# 2437803 but the bug still remains. I uninstalled and installed again the program but it was useless. The temporary solution I´ve got was to use Ctrl plus " - " or " + " key. When some have a well typing speed this issue becomes frustrating. I´ll really appreciate any advice on this matter. Gustavo
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