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  1. Actually, it is more like a break in the ability to un-focus. When TABbing from the list of items into the actual note in previous version (any layout) you could get back to the list by just hitting the <ESC> key. no longer. This is now broken so you must take your hands off the keyboard and use the mouse. Unacceptable for efficient keyboard use if you believe, like I do, that it is faster to use keys instead of the mouse. Yet another thing they broke in a new release that likely nobody will address or acknowledge. Have to go back to 6.7.6 because of the long term focus upon new windows issue.
  2. Ha Ha! Did he try to sell you something else too? I'm been working fine with 6.7.5 for the last month or two while the "dev team" is figuring out what they broke between it and the next version. The only quirk is one they have also never addressed, which is when editing a note in a stand alone window, once you add tags <F3> there is absolutely nothing you can do with the keyboard to either edit or exit the window without using the mouse.
  3. The lack of response from Evernote is disconcerting for such a useful program that I pay for. I do not want any new features until they fix the program they broke. Do they not test new versions anymore before releasing them? Here are the other issues that were introduced in the last version or so. Evernote version issues global "new note" does not have focus create new note with ^n. Cannot start typing. must either click on note or TAB twice! notes opened as separate windows will sometime appear to be blank the next day or so. clicking on an open note window to edit will sometime require a second click, the first one didn't change the focus arrowing through notes takes much longer, because it takes much longer to display the actual note in the preview pane and it waits for it. Print Preview function is broken (ctrl-shft P -or- File > Print Preview). It is doing a "save as" instead. cannot print selection. Print dialog has the selection option dimmed, even though I have selected text. (I thought this worked before)
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