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  1. I've had nearly daily freezing / locking up in 6.20 GA. I finally gve up and reverted back to which is the last stable version I have used. ( was also quite buggy and I revered back from it too).
  2. I finally just gave up on 6.11 GA. The previous release was awful as I do a lot of copy / paste from Outlook to Evernote. Paste would go to the bottom of the page and not where the curser was, Typing would do the same... I finally uninstalled and went back to that I had on my laptop. It does what I need. I will chime in with the others, I hate the new PDF view. I love the view in 5.8.5. If the viewer is the issue as I have read mentioned, why not just allow the PDF to be opened by the installed PDF viewer on the PC? I miss some of the features in 6.11, but not
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