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  1. I've been meaning to post for a while, in the hope the Evernote team really mean it, when they say they're looking for feedback/input (they've got some filtering to do, looking at all that ^^!! #offtopic!): When I originally subscribed there was no Plus option only the free or Premium (for me to realistically choose from). I largely went Premium to get rid of the advertising and as a secondary, less important feature, the web access and increased upload was nice. Since that time I've found the tagging and searching features useful; I don't use reminders or annotation (I can do that in Preview/Acrobat) and the web clipper is good. I had it in my diary to downgrade to Plus before my next renewal, in July, as the increase in annual cost for Premium has been borderline for me – as a soul trader/individual – for a couple of years now; so obviously gutted this feature is going (though reading a couple of posts above make me think I might still be able to, being an 'old' user). The only features of premium I, personally, really feel I need/benefit from are: Advanced search (PDFs, Word & text in images) Being able to sync across devices (though at the moment I only do that across two, it used to be three) Emailing-in notes Being able to upload more than 60MB, but, I only upload 100s of MB not GBs Offline access on my phone Overall it's the ability to have add-free, synced note taking, with keywords/tags in seperate folder/projects, on or offline. I've tried One Note and at the mo, I'm not tempted. It seems sloooow :-/ Hope that's useful feedback.
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