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  1. I wish there was a way to jump to specific lines within one note. Some of my notes are often ~500 lines long. It can easily become quite cumbersone to manually scroll up and down between the two or more paragraphs that I'm currently editing. TextPad, Notepad++ and PhpStorm have this great feature usually called "Bookmark" where you can set (or toggle) a flag on a line with F3, and jump to them with F2. That would be tremendously helpful. Another good option would be to display the line numbers (as also suggested here [1]) and then let me "Go to Line …" via a prompt where I can directly enter that line number – another feature common in such text editors. … At the very least, you could just display the line numbers, so that people could have a chance to remember the lines themselves "the old fashioned way" (human memory) and find them more comfortably. [1]:
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