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  1. While you can interlink notes (with the copy note link context menu) it is process is an onerous 5 step process involving copy/paste, context menus, and all-together too many mouse interactions. Adding wiki link syntax that we could simply type like [[new page name]] would be a huge improvement.
  2. jefito, Thank you, and I have upvoted the similar requests, but they are old and seemed dead. I hoped there might be an opportunity to refresh the discussion of these features in light the new wave of users likely to come here from microsoft's disappointing decisions regarding OneNote. Both of these ideas apply to all the evernote clients, but I see now that the general feature requests subforum would have been better; I wasn't immediately obvious which of the 30 some-odd forums here was most appropriate. Great news though: With the new Evernote web interface you can drag and drop bullets (including their children)! Thank you Evernote Staff! Still interested in wiki syntax & collapsible bullets.
  3. Hi, With OneNote being removed from Office, and the inadequate app version being the only path forward for onenote users, Evernote is probably going to see an influx of people abandoning OneNote. I'm one of those, and am trying evernote plus for the next year. It is the only thing that comes anywhere close to to matching the powerful formatting and organizational control that I've grown dependent on in both my personal and professional life. There is a lot of wonderful stuff here, the apps for all the devices, the reminders, the tagging; there was even an import from onenote in the pc desktop version that worked well enough. There are only two things that leap out at me as features that would dramatically improve my experience: 1. Wiki syntax for note creation. There is already the idea of "copy note link", so you can slowly build interconnections between your notes, but the path is much slower than typing a new note name in brackets [[new note]]. This would be a fantastic addition. 2. Outliner features: collapse a bullet, re-org a bullet (along with its children). Both of these features have been requested before. They are the two things that would truly win me over as a devoted user. Cheers, Andy
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