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  1. And didn't really reach any conclusion on how to work around this bug - new beta? Old version - which?
  2. Experiencing same problem as mentioned above in version (307027) for Windows 10 - (64 bit) although with slight modifications: There's a difference between when im working on my pc in the "overview mode" (The Evernote desktop, one could call it?), working on the note in the right side of the window, with the left side bar of other notes still visible AND when I double click on the note, and work on it in a full window - only this note visible. 1) Overview mode/Evernote Desktop: Every time I exit the note to go to antoher open window - in my browser for instance - i go back to evernote, to write, paste or copy, delete, whatever and eventhou the cursor is blinking - as if active and ready - nothing happpens when i enter or write. I need to double click the note EVERY TIME i go back and forth. 2) Inside Note: Here its the exactly same bug, BUT only the first time i want to edit the note. From here on - when I've double clicked - it seems as if, I have "activated" it, and it works continously, as I enter and exit the note, shuffling back and forth in my work flow. The bug - for me - is a recent thing - 2018 something... - but I never wrote down which version introduced the bug unfortunately. Maybe someone else did? My workaround: Either getting rid og Evernote entirely or entering every note and NOT using overview mode - which is pretty annoyning, as I often shuffle from note to note, and like to use the "recent" tab a lot. It's about ease and convenience - and im a convenient kinda guy. Maybe this helps?
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