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  1. I cant find it on evernote web either... its not that its a note book i didnt create, but its like a tab that just appeared out of nowhere and that note was the only thing inside. Is there a way to track the history of my actions and then restore it through there?
  2. I have tried finding it in trash but the note was under a notebook i didnt create. It was under something that indicated its not synced or something? I deleted it because i thought it was a copy of the one i had in my actual notebook. But it was the note itself that was moved there.. Is there another way to find out where it went?
  3. I accidentally deleted a notebook containing a very important note. I cannot recover it back nor can i find it...! What do i do?? I tried to contact evernote but for some reason i cannot find their email or contact. I dont know any technical stuff so i do not understand what they put on their web page nor why it is so hard to contact them and to get one note back? Is there a way to fix this?
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