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  1. I found an older 6.8 version which worked when I installed it. When trying to update to 7.1 through the evernote app, I get the error "An error occured while verifying the update. You can download the latest update from the website or try again later.". This also happened before when I first tried to update, and the error from the original post is what I got after downloading the latest version of evernote from the website.
  2. Hi, After updating to the latest version, I can no longer open evernote. I get the error "evernote.app is damaged and can't be opened. It should be moved to the trash.". I have tried to remove it with AppCleaner and redownloading and installing several times. I also tried removing all related evernote files by searching for it in App Support and in Spotlight. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks, Eric
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