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  1. Well, I see that Evernote on my Mac connects to addresses such as (which according to my investigations belongs to Amazon AWS in Frankfurt, Germany - but it's a little hard for me to see whether this is a valid Evernote server or not - or whether it's some partner of yours - or whether it is even in my interest to allow the connection Can you please publish the IP ranges that you use for each region. You may want to take a look at the Network Requirements for Cisco WebEx or VidyoCloud's Firewall Information for Connecting Clients/Endpoints for examples of how this should be done. You could/should also publish which port ranges you use (per tool). Next, you should publish a list of partners and tools, what they do, how they work, what you share with them (and why) If you are not transparent and open about where you store my data, where you route my data, and who you share my data (and meta-data about me) with, you will run into serious trouble when the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into affect on May 25th 2018 (Yes - it affects Evernote, since you have personal data about EU citizens). Thanks
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