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  1. Cheers running it now. ctrl-click on help menu for Windows
  2. Actually I tried your first idea. Although it was monumentally slow searching through 20,000 entries (even on a SSD drive) it was quite quick to select and delete them, quicker than I thought it would be. I am down to 8000 records now. Searching seems quite slow still but has definitely improved.
  3. Problem is the notebook is so slow to load. It world take a very long time to do what you suggest. What I really want is a way of doing it without having to open it in the UI.
  4. I have a notebook which is purely used for logs. It get send several logs a day by email and this has been happening for some time now and the notebook is very slow to search in Windows with nearly 20,000 entries. I am not interested in anything more than a few weeks old. Is there a way I can purge away old content, ideally by some setting or script I can run.
  5. Just type Evernote in the play store https://www.amazon.co.uk/Evernote-Corp-stay-organized/dp/B004LOMB2Q
  6. Two days on and still not been approved by a mod. Come on guys!
  7. Hi I use a Google Login for my EverNote account. On my Kindle Fire this doesn't seem to be supported. Is there a workaround? I was thinking of setting up a second account (with username and password) and sharing my other account with it.
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