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  1. So, being a rather new user (half a year), I work with three notebooks (work, private, creative) and few notes (thirty-ish) and no Emojis (yet). And since Easter holidays (during which I didn't open Evernote), some notes on my iPhone will simply not open at all. I first thought it had to do with some notes being overdue... But some overdue notes I could open. So, finally I rtfm, followed the counsels on closing, opening, updating, uninstalling, checking if data still exists online. All good and well - data in the cloud is there, re-install didn't change a lot. I agree with above opinion that it is not the transfer of data, because I tried it using local WiFis and my phone providers connection - but to no avail. I don't have images in there, just plain text, some lists/checkboxes... I was considering switching from basic to a bigger deal, but in this way, the tool is useless to me... Has anyone experience with Evernotes bug-solution rate and speed?
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