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  1. Hi all, I do a lot of pen notes to my Tab S6. At the moment I take the meeting notes in onenote/s note export as PDF, then either email to evernote, or attach them. The inbuilt pen input is ok, but I like to set up my agenda/titles using the keyboard, have ruled lines etc then pen after for the meeting notes, if that makes sense. I know there used to be an app for IOS that used to integrate with Evernote, but is there one for android? Thanks Kev.
  2. Hi all, When I email to Evernote it seems to stick them in any notebook and not the default, no matter what I put as a subject. I have renamed the default to 00INBOX, but set this as default but still no go. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Hi all, I'm using evernote on my S8+ and Samsung Note 10 2014. My question is, is it possible to link to and email from a note? I use the email to evernote function, but have multiple emails which I could do with being linked to on 1 note. Thanks, kev
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