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  1. Why didn't Evernote finish building this new version before releasing it? I have managed to go back to an older version to get the full functionality back. I will also look at alternatives.
  2. I tried the fix suggested by previous users and comments on this thread (@ ruudhein and @TK0047 ) and it now works correctly on my Windows 10 desktop and laptop. I can't see how to link to their posts but it involves the following: Step 1. Uninstall Evernote Step 2. Download Evernote version from filehippo.com (direct link https://filehippo.com/download_evernote/history/ ) Step 3. Install the above version and IMPORTANTLY switch off the auto update function.
  3. I have the same problem. It is really annoying. I've just been typing for ages and realized that Evernote stopped recording the characters ages ago. This is a work around. Step 1 Start typing. Step 2. Press tab tab tab Step 3 Click with the mouse inside the note. Step 4 Start typing.
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