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  1. It is possible, but unlikely. My company use Symantec system (sitereview.bluecoat.com) And all sites which have "File Storage/Sharing" category were blocked. Except evernote.com there is no access to docs.google.com, drive.google.com and other. EdH, jefito thank you for your thoughts and advices. I understood about alternate sync.
  2. Yes, if I will use vpn, it direct way to have a problems with the employer )) All the charm of Evernote in the sync )) jefito, TK0047, Thank you for ideas but 1. I work in a big company and Internet policy is one for all. 2. Basically, I use Evernote for personal purposes. I write my thoughts, plans and other. And I can use a laptop for Evernote, but it is not a convenient solution. I thought that the program could have hidden settings (configuration file?) where to specify that the synchronization was not from the primary, but from an alternative address, for example in the form IP address. Correctly I understand you guys that the program does not have the feature?
  3. Hello everybody! I used my Evernote app for Windows7 successfully in corporate network. But a week ago, our system administrators restricted access to File storage category sites and Evernote app stopped synchronizing. Log is written: statusCode=403, statusText=Forbidden. Site evernote.com doesn't work too in this corporate network. Can I use some alternative setting for Evernote app synchronization? Version APP is 5.8.13 AppLog_2018-04-19.txt
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