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  1. When you say "during annotation" -- can you clarify what you're doing with the PDF that results in the blurry state? The scope of this thread focuses around PDFs attached to notes directly as opposed to using our PDF annotation feature.
  2. For those of you experiencing the poor quality thumbnail issue, I'm pleased to report that we now have a fix deployed that we believe addresses the majority of these cases. If you're still experiencing the issue, please reach out to me directly.
  3. If you tap my name, it will take you to my profile where you should find a green icon with a white envelope that will allow you to send me a direct message.
  4. Jim, Thanks for the feedback; we're working on reproducing and fixing this issue internally. To that end, if you don't mind sharing it, would you mind DM'ing me the PDF in question so that we can use it in our test cases? Thanks!
  5. Sorry about that! Can you share a bit more details about your client (Mac/Android/Web/etc.), the version you're using, and any specifics around the notes you're creating (i.e. are they emailed, shared notes, etc.)? I'll double-check with the responsible team specifically about your client's behavior.
  6. Working on getting specific answers for you now but the short of the long is no, you'll definitely be able to get thumbnails for your older PDFs too. The long version: Each of our clients has slightly different behavior in this department but ultimately no client caches the result (i.e. a placeholder thumbnail) for more than a week.
  7. Just a quick update: We've successfully rolled out an early version of our PDF thumbnail rendering service as of this afternoon. We will continue to monitor and adjust as needed but generally you should see thumbnails appear for your newly-uploaded PDFs. Thanks again for your patience and for sticking with us.
  8. Howdy all, I want to thank you all for the feedback. I'm an engineering manager here at Evernote and one of my teams is responsible for rebuilding this functionality. Due to a security-related bug in the Ghostscript software that underpinned this service, we made the decision to disable it while we worked in parallel on a suitable replacement. We didn't make this decision lightly and keeping your notes secure is one of our first principles. We're working hand in hand with our security team to ensure the new solution adheres to that principle. While we've been hard at work re-architecting this functionality, I understand the process has not been fast enough for those of you who rely heavily on it. To that end, I'm doubling-down resources on this and we expect to have a working replacement very soon. In the mean time, our desktop clients (Mac, Windows) support local PDF thumbnail rendering for those of you who have that option
  9. Hey guys, Long-time employee, first time poster. I just wanted to say that this post struck a chord with me as someone who's been with Evernote since 2012 and I just wanted to assure you that there are still dedicated, loyal people behind the scenes working hard to deliver the amazing product you expect. Please feel free to DM me if you have a burning problem or existential life question. Personal OKR for the quarter: Stop by here weekly and lend a hand.
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