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  1. I do not have a paid account. I have the Evernote app installed on my phone and I use the desktop version.

    Issue 1: I was on an airplane flight and typed up maybe six different notes on my phone's app while offline. All notes seemed to successfully sync when I landed. Yesterday I added to one of these notes via the website. All of the notes were still visible at this point. Today I started cutting and pasting between the notes, consolidating them from six to four, and two of the notes disappeared. I checked the trash and they were gone. I checked my phone and they were gone. I used my browser's back arrow and I was thankfully able to retrieve one of the notes in my internet browsing history. I tried to restore the note (by giving it a different title and putting it in a different notebook) and it just kept disappearing. I finally cut the contents of the note and pasted it into Word, created a new blank note and pasted the contents back into this note. This note has so far been stable.

    My issue is that I have completely lost the other note that I typed up on the plane. I cannot find it in my trash and my browsing session no longer is opening the notes in the "back" section, it just sits on a blank page. I cannot find the note on my phone app either. Is there any way to recover the note? I did also see the part where I'm supposed to download an activity log via Help > Activity Log. Funny thing is I can't find any help button.

    Issue 2: While completely freaking out and trying to contact Evernote, I entered a seemingly endless vortex of "submit a ticket" "use this dropdown" "follow these steps" "solution is to submit a ticket" and there was nowhere on the screen, no button or link that said "submit a ticket." I opened a separate tab to Google how to submit a ticket and it kept navigating me to the same vortex which resulted in "solution is to submit a ticket" with no contact, no link, no way to submit the ticket. No phone number. No email. Only a link to this forum. (There was a button that said chat option, only open 9-5, which it is 12:30 pacific standard time right now and the link is grayed out so that was useless). So now I am submitting my issue on the forum. Is that what Evernote is trying to convey when they say to submit a ticket? To submit a cry for help on the forum?

    I have never posted to a forum before. I hope I have done so correctly. Thank you.

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