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  1. thanks for looking into my problem- getting it solved looks to be a challenge- I believe I downloaded the original program some years back, I do not have hard copy- How do you suggest running a full repair-- can you provide me with the appropriate software?? If I do a reinstall, do I loose all existing files and folders?? What would be a way to retrieve as I cannot open my existing version of Evernote because of the missing msi file It sounds like I am not alone with this problem. A suggestion from the community was to access hippo(something) and download a link to a v 6.7.5- th
  2. I just opened the support login-- it asks for device, I don't have android, nor the other to items- this support option doesn't address my problem and I don't have a screen shot to show the activity. Besides that, if I click on Prtscn, where do I find the image - I really am not a captain of my fate!!! thanks again morry
  3. GURU, thanks for the suggestions- my problem just occurred with the misadventure with v 6.75 the past two weeks- any thoughts on how/why evernote became corrupted. I am a premium user- if we assume I have a corrupted Evernote program, can I erase completely, download and reinstall a v 6.11 and retain existing notes, have a bunch?? I will check the update notice on the laptop, but I don't recall it being 6.11 I tried the filehippo suggestion but I wasn't able to make it work. truly appreciate your help, but why isn't evernote support more directly involved. I am challenged to work through
  4. thanks for the update info--but I am a novice at all this-- I entered the file name in windows 10 search, received the response, file not found. -----I am dead in the water!! I tried the second suggestion, download from filehippo and got linked to several zip files that appeared to have nothing to do with Evernote Msi didn't attempt download Are my problems unique to v 6.75 as I see an upgrade recommendation on my laptop of a totally different download suggestions? any help welcome- I see lots of notes commenting on using Evernote support ;can anything be done to encourage
  5. error messages when attempting open evernote --unavailable network resource -evernote 'msi not found fatal error during install windows 10 op system reading the posts, lots of complaints of lack of response, no direct support available. a very difficult support page to navigate for the non-techie customer help -- I am a fish out of water-- is help on the way? thanks morry fealy
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