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  1. it happens when "smart quotes and dashes" is turned on. whether or not "Correct Spelling Automatically" is turned on doesn't seem to affect it.
  2. Hi @nicolml, I'm using a Swiss keyboard (QWERTZ). I've tried changing the settings as you advised and it seems to be working! Thank you!
  3. Hello! Thank you both very much for your answers, I'll try your suggestions!
  4. Hi! I'm not sure this is the right place to report a bug but well, I've tried sending a ticket and it was a never ending loop that got me nowhere so here I am. I've noticed that as soon as I write a word with an apostrophe (I'm writing in French, there are a lot of apostrophes in French) and press space at the end of my word, it takes me back to after the apostrophe. For example, if I'm writing "l'existence" and then press space, it'll take me back to " l' " and it's very annoying because if I don't immediately notice it, it'll write the end of my sentence between the apostrophe
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