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  1. Hello, I have the latest version of Evernote (Version 7.1 (456448 Direct)) on Mac OS X 10.11.5, El Captain. I update Evernote regularly but it is responding very slowly all the time since about last 1 year. It must be the slowest app on my mac. I tried uninstalling it and deleted Evernote files from: ~/Library/Preferences/ ~/Library/Application Support/ ~/Library/Caches/ After doing this, I restarted the system and installed again. That did not help. It is slow not just in one particular area. When I click to open a note, it takes a lot of time to open. When I am typing in the note, I have to type and then wait for the typed letters to appear on the screen. It is slow in all areas. I also tried to contact Evernote's official support team twice on twitter: @evernotehelps but did not get any response. Hope you guys can help me out. Thanks, Akshey
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