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  1. I just noticed that if I cut/paste one image into EN, the "same" image can't be pasted from EN out to other apps like my email or google drive. This is the operation I have been using for years.


    I can't use this new version 10 anymore(upgraded in the weekend). will have to try to go back to 7.14.

    I'm dissapointed that EN release the new feature train with so many functions missing/wrong.

  2. It appears to me that the images being pasted into notes are fuzzier and has slightly smaller display dimension than the original one. It shows the same reduced resolution/fuzziness when I click full-screen preview. However, If I double click the image, the Preview will open with original image clarity/resolution so it seems to me that the image is stored in database with original resolution but default notes area choose to shrink down the display a little for some reason.

    Most of my notes are based on images/annotations so this has big impact on me compared with 7.14. If I can't get this resolved, i won't be able to use the new EN and will be forced to go back to the old version(hopefully still can).


  3. i'm also facing the same problem and it's really annoying. This is my setup and how to easily reproduce. The key thing is that the images in note are Ratina capture 144dpi instead of regular 72dpi.

    EN7.14 on MAC Mojave with macmini 2011 i7 CPU, 16G mem, 27" 2560x1440 monitor

    if you capture 3 images using MACbook pro(ratina display) and put into one note and switched to macmini and try to scoll down this note, it'll be very very slow and lagging, the more ratina images(144dpi instead of 72 dpi) you put in one note, the more lagging you have.

  4. Hi,

    I have two questions for EN IOS.

    1) Any way that I can have note list only listing title. Currently, it lists title and last update time. I don't need last update time and it takes up the screen space.

    2) When I am in the process of reviewing a note, I'd like EN keeps my opened note location even when I switched to other apps. When I come back to EN later, I'd like to keep reviewing my notes. Currently most of time EN will start from home page. I tried to disable IOS App background refresh but that didn't work

  5. one more question.

    I don't think EN has the concept of "master" image where the copies of the images all pointing to the original "master" image. So after I make any annotation changes to the "master" image, all copies of this image got updated also(internally they are just a link to the "master" image).

    I tested right click menu of "Copy" vs "Copy Image" but it looks like the same to me.

  6. Any way we can assign tags to images in a note(or at least insert a tag line on top of a image in that note)?

    I have lots of images in one note so I can browse through them easily by swiping left/right in IOS/Android Apps. But some images share the same characteristics so I want to assign a tag for these images.

    Right now I have to create separate folders to manually sort out all images in "Main folder", say folder 1, folder 2. I use main folder to insert all images and I use sorting folders to group images sharing the same characteristics. I have to manually copy each image in main folder to different sorting folders. That's very painful and causes multiple copies for one "master" image and if I want to annotate the "master" image, I have to copy the changed master image to the sorting folders again.

    Main folder(10 images)

    folder 1(5 images)

    folder 2(4 images)



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